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Grand National Sweepstake Kit 2013 Grand National Sweepstake kit is available for download by clicking the button below. Its a stunning design with the unique option to download the front sheet of the sweepstake kit as an editable PDF so that the entrants names can be typed into the relevant spaces. We would be delighted to hear your feedback, suggestions or requests for modifications by emailing

2013 grand national sweepstake page1 2013 grand national sweepstake page2

The sweepstake kit has been updated to the 48 hour declaration stage



Note 1: Since the 5 days declarations Major Malarkey has been replaced with Becauseicouldntsee. Initially trainer Noel Glynn was not going to run him at Aintree but the drying ground means he may well take his chance. See here for the original trainer quotes

Note 2: At the 48 hour declaration stage Quinz, Pearlysteps and Poker De Sivola all were not entered making way for Major Malarkey, Soll and Viking Blond. Please make adjustments to your entries to reflect this. The current kit is completely up to date

Important note: There are still 57 declared runners for the national. The 40 squares in the sweepstake kit represent the 40 most likely starters of the 2013 Grand National. However it is highly likely there will be a few changes to this list prior to Saturday the 6th April. The Kit will be updated and reposted on this page with the 5 day declarartions on Tuesday and once the final field is announced on Thursday. The list of modified entrants will be added to the website and you entries can be adjusted accordingly. This avoids the disappointment for people of drawing out a horse in the sweepstake that eventually ends up a non runner.

Instructions for sweepstake kit use

Every one loves a sweepstake and its a great way to get involved in the fever of the Grand National. Most sweepstakes charge a £1 or £2 entry fee and then have a first, second and third prize. This is how the sweepstake kit download is structured. The kit comes in two pages. The first page is the list of horses together with a space for the names to go. The second page is all the horses ready to be cut up into squares for entrants to randomly select.

  1. Cutout the 40 squares on page 2 of the sweepstake kit. One for each of the 40 runners. Place all 40 squares into a relevant hat, conatiner or box (non-transparent as we wouldnt want anyone to have a sneaky peek!)
  2. Charging either £1 or £2 per square entrants draw a horse at random.
  3. Either write the entrants name next to the horse selected or if you prefer there is an editable version of page 1 for download below where the names can be typed. (instructions below)
  4. Once all horses have been sold enter the prize structure at the bottom. Suggested prizes for £1 entry is £22 for first, £11 for second and £7 for third. For a £2 entry £45 for first, £22 for second and £13 for third. Some clubs like to use this for a little bit of fundraising so will leave the prizes to your discretion.
  5. Once all horses have been drawn out place a completed sheet 1 where all entrants can see it. Alternatively if using the editable version you have the option to either print out copies or send the completed form out via email to entrants.
  6. Most important rule of all have fun on Grand National day, its not the winning its the taking part.


Editable page 1 of sweepstake kit use

In order to give your sweepstake kit that truly professional touch, or to enable simple emailing of the finished list an editable version of page 1 is availble for download below. After entrants have selected their horse simply click in the box to the right of the horse and enter the entrants name. Once all entrants have been completed you can then save the first page of the sweepstake kit that now looks stunning and either printout or email as required to entrants.

A number of users have asked for their own small logo on top of the sheet. This can be accomodated if you use the contact form we will endeavour to get it done for you.

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